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  1. Child Slavery, Coltan and The Congo « Stop Child Slavery

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    4 Dec 2008 ... Every day hundreds of thousands of Congolese child-slaves are forced to crawl into underground mines on their hands and knees to dig for the ... -Cached - Similar
  2. Stop Child Slavery

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    Will Lawrence Taylor Become The Poster Boy For Child Sex Slavery? ...His group, Designers Against Child Slavery, “calls on designers and artists .... on Imagine Child Slavery · Graham Perry on Young Girls Held As Soldiers In DR Congo ... - Cached - Similar
  3. Dutch labour party wants coltan ban to stop child-slavery inCongo

    4 Dec 2008 ... AMSTERDAM - Dutch labour MP Martijn van Dam has asked the world's major cellphone manufacturers to stop using theCongolese mineral coltan ... - Cached - Similar
  4. Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery - Congo DRC

    Eastern Congo: Kidnapped Boy Returns From Slavery .... Sham demobilisation hides rise in Congo's child armies. Armed groups in the Democratic Republic of ... - Cached - Similar
  5. Child Labour: the Congo's Big Sin: Two Million CongoleseChildren ...

    15 Mar 2008 ... It is a country's shame when a child is forced into work, but it is a bigger shame when a child dies because of that work and no one notices ... -Cached - Similar
  6. Worst Forms of Child Labour - Congo, Dem. Rep.: Global March ...

    Child Slavery. GENERAL NOTES AND OBSERVATIONS * Insurgent groups from neighbouring countries have abducted a number of Congolesechildren to be labour or ... -Cached - Similar
  7. Congo-Kinshasa: Girls Less Likely Than Boys to Be ...

    12 Feb 2010 ... Despite efforts to end the use of child soldiers in the war-torn east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), youngsters are still ... - Similar
  8. Child slavery in Africa - by B. Ann Patterson - Helium

    I'm writing on my laptop computer. I just finished a call on my cell-phone and now I feel guilty. I feel sad. I ..., B. Ann Patterson. - Cached
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    Child Soldiers Worldwide: Uncharted Cycles of SlaveryBeneath the ...

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    by AP Lalur - Cited by 1 - Related articles
    intellectual commitments and the uncharted cycles of
    child slavery to which the ... “The Democratic Republic of the Congo: Ravaged by conflict,... - Similar
  10. the mwamba family foundation

    Child Slavery in the DR Congo. What is the connection between your fancy cell phone, slim line laptop computer, iPod and child labour? ... - Cached - Similar